With this name, one's thoughts naturally turn to Europe!

In times of dramatic changes within Europe, we were looking for a timeless logo, a symbol for a timeless Europe. How can we represent Europe in a timeless way? Through Greek mythology, with the story of Europa and Zeus.

There are countless depictions of Zeus and Europa, from modern art to classics. Each depiction can and will be interpreted differently. Some show Europa being thrown over the bull's back and abducted, others depict her riding away relaxed on the bull's back. The more beautiful image is her going proudly and voluntarily, not being abducted. Our logo stands for emancipation and especially for equality of those who dedicate themselves to the medical care of their fellow humans, regardless of their position and profession.

Especially in today's world, it can be quite appropriate to adopt a European perspective. We should more often reflect on our core values and the roots of our culture, which lie in antiquity. With our EuroPA-C logo, we draw upon these roots. We are proud of our European culture and want to reflect on our cultural origins. Princess Europa did not come from Europe, yet we are cosmopolitan, and we include everyone without exclusion.